Rythme 3Hz

Rythme 3 Hz
Postures de Transe

Ce CD de relaxation a été spécialement conçu pour vous permettre d'entrer facilement et en toute sécurité dans l'État Non Ordinaire de Conscience (ENOC) adéquat pour utiliser les Postures de Transe.

Celles-ci vous procurent un très évident et rapide bien-être : le stress s'évapore, l'énergie revient. Souvent aussi, elles amènent dans le mental des images et des visualisations très positives ainsi que de très agréables sensations d'euphorie.


Rythme 3Hz
Le Prince Olmèque

Entrer en Transe

C'est une technique très ancienne qui plonge dans la plus ancienne Préhistoire. On retrouves des traces de cette pratique sur des peintures rupestres d'il y a plus de 14 000 ans.



E-book Content & Extras


Professionel rocket building blueprints. Tired of bad drawings when building complex things? Well, our blueprints are easy to follow and you will be impressed by the finished result.

Rocket Fuel

Build a powerful and long lasting rocket fuel using only ingredients from your local supermarket. Cheap and fairly stable.

Moon Map

Getting around the moon the first couple of days can be tricky. You will get a detailed map of all the key craters on the moon with the purchase of your e-book.

The Iconic Flag

No moon landing would be a real moon landing without the iconic "I was here" flag. Although big when unpacked, the initial size is only 4 x 4 inches.


On your personal moon map, we have marked a good spot where most smartphones can obtain a good signal. Ask your service provider if in doubt.


A luxury printed diploma can be yours if you manage to get back home again from your little journey. The diploma can be delivered in a luxury wooden frame at a small extra cost.

Rythme 3Hz - MP3

The first 1000 customers will receive a signed copy of "How to get back to earth for the rest of us" once the book is finished and published.


We deliver a wide range of food suggestions for your journey to the moon. Not all dishes are suited for space, we got you covered.


The weather can be a little tricky on the moon. We have gathered a nice list for a small transportable walk-in closet.


The alphabet of the moon is not that hard to learn. And, with the e-book, comes a handy folder with day to day sentences you can use.

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